Monday, March 30, 2009

crafting/sewing with my girls

Well this weekend was a busy one. We were suppose to have a baseball tournament, but it was rained out. So we did some shopping and finsihed up buying sports things the girls needed for softball.. Jake has all this stuff already.. and we just had a relaxing weekend.. which is so rare and sooooooo nice around here.
I have signed up to do a Art Show in May, so I have been busy with sewing projects with every free moment I get, which somedays just do not happen in this house. One of my girls, Carly is always by my side when I start to sew or do a craft project. She is watching asking questions and pretty soon, she is off on her own little corner with fabric scraps she found on the floor, or out of my scrap bin, asking if she can "have" this.. How can you say no? She loves to craft things, sew and GLUE, the girl loves GLUE.. which can cause my heart to skip a beat or two when I see her working at my sewing area with glue around my fabrics or close to a finished item.
Well today I was busy sewing aprons and pretty soon, both of my girls were at my side. One on each side. They both were working on their "own" creations and being "creative" as they say.. they were so nice to one another I had to stop to see if that was actually my kids next to me :)
We worked for a few hours sewing and crafting and even got the hot glue gun out.. that is huge in our house! We had a great time..
I love seeing them in my fabric, moving it around drawing things for me to sew and just wanting to create. I never had that as a child.. well I had the will but never really had so many things to craft with.
I just had a great time with them today. I hope they keep up being creative and that one day they will look back and remember the times we shared doing all this and the fun we all had.
When I was turning it al off tonight and looking at the huge mess on my once neat sewing table (I am convenienced I am a sewing slob!) I two notes from my girls.. One with a list of things they want me to make for them, and that is a long list.. the other was for me not to look in a box they had "borrowed" from me, as it has a gift for me in there that they are working on! How sweet.. I tell ya, I thought it was great just the time we shared today, but the notes they are so sweet, I will be keeping those forever!
Iwill try to post some photos Monday or Tuesday of my new aprons I have made. And some of the girls crafting things too. Have a great week~ Mechelle

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  1. What a wonderful time you had!!! You are right...time like that is a memory to cherish forever. I am so happy you saw it.

    Love and Kisses