Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vintage Cookies

OMG, are these the cutest cookies you have ever seen? And you can eat them too! I found these cookies in the latest issues of my favorite magazines ( Country Living.. I thought they were too cute. You make them out of vintage post cards. But how cute would it be to make them out of pictures of your kids? or pictures of family? I a few old easter post cards lying around, so I think my girls and I are going to give this a try soon!
The complete instructions and more great photos can be found at country living magazine, or click on the link above.
I have been working on some great new things.. and hopefully on Sunday I can post a few of them. We are heavy into basketball tournaments and this is the last weekend for them (yea) I know, that sounded bad.. and I love to watch my kids play sports.. but I want to get some things sewn as well.
I also just signed up to the Madeira Art Show in May. I have never done a show like this before, so I am excited and nervous.. I have been sewing like crazy and stashing things. I will be listing a lot more stuff this weekend to both my etsy site and my ebay site as well. Now that etsy lets you sell vintage too.. I am going to take a stab at selling some of my goodies I find when I am out junking on that site too.. as well as the things I give a second chance with too. Well back to sewing and thinking of new Easter Ideas.. If you have a fun craft or a great idea to share, email me and I will be glad to post it!,


  1. Oh Mechelle...they are darling...Don't forget to post pictures of the ones you make...

    Love and Kisses


  2. I will.. I think it will be fun.. or a huge mess. Either way, we will have a great time!

  3. Amazingly beautiful cookies...I think I would embalm them for posterity:)