Saturday, March 7, 2009

Butterflies for Tess

Butterflies for Tess. A while back I wrote a little note about Tess. For those of you, who are new to reading my blog, Tess was a beautiful 7 year old little girl who passed away due to Cystic Fibrois. Tess was a friend of daughters (and everyone she met too!) and in the heart of every single person who know her!. She LOVED butterflies.. Hence the nickname "Butterfly Tess" After she has passed away her family and friends have created a beautiful butterfly garden in the back of our school ( I will post pictures when spring planting is done). Her parents wanted to turn her memorial fund into a foundation in her name: The Butterfly Tess Foundation.
With the creation of newly formed foundation, we decided to make some t-shirts to sell. Then we decided to have Tess's classmates the third graders at her school, design a butterly that we would then use as the logo for the shirts. WOW.. I have never seen a more excited group of kids! These kids have put their hearts and souls into making some the most beautiful butterly pictures I have ever seen. I have been so moved by them stopping me in the halls at school and wanting to share their butterfly picture with me. They have talked about her in art class while working on the pictures and just having a wonderful time remembering her and sharing memories..
They truly miss her! They want to do more! They are such a precious group of kids, who lost a sweet dear friend..and they want to do whatever they can to help keep her memory alive. I think she would proud.. I am sure she is smiling and loves all the butterfly pictures.
Since we are only picking one butterfly and they all are so pretty.. We decided to photo copy the rest of them and put them on transfer paper and make them into a quilt to hang in the main hall at school.. That way all her classmates butterflies that they madefor her, will be seen by all. We also want to take the orginials and make them into a book to keep in our school library.
I picked up the butterfly pictures on Friday at school.. We are meeting next week to choose one.. I had to share some of them with you.. I have over a hundred butterfly pictures WOW!
I have a soft spot all artwork of children.. I don't think there is any art better in the world, than the art done by a child.
So enjoy these pictures.. I hope they touch you all, as they touched me!.
If you want to learn more about Tess, please visit her website: I will let you know which one we choose and keep you posted on the quilt and other things with her foundation.

This one is done by my daughter.

Look at the artwork. These are 3rd graders!

This is suppose to be Tess with a huge heart of love (sweet)

This little boy wrote a note on the back of her picture.. Many of the kids wrote things about Tess as well.

This is a butterfly wing with tiny butterflies inside.. WOW how creative!

This is just a page of butterflies.. this picture is not doing it justice.. this would be beautiful fabric! (hmmmmm)

Simple, but so beautiful.

This little boy hand painted two butterflies for her Tess..
Just beautiful.

This one looked like stain glass!


We are going to have a tough time picking a butterfly.. Thank you third graders at Madeira Elementary School.. You all did a wonderful job, they are all beautiful and we parents, have some pretty special kids who can really draw some butterflies..

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