Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cabinet Crazy & Altered Purses

I love vintage purses.. and I have had these for a while and decided to "dress" them up a little with some altered fun things.. I LOVE how they turned out..

This has to be my favoite.. I just love pink and I love the old lace and buttons.. I think these will be great for Prom and for special events... and they are pretty hanging up too! Maybe I will make a few more and list them in my etsy shop.. what do you think?

Now onto my cabinet addiction.. I have to tell you I don't know where this came from.. I don't know if it is from living in a small house or just a problem I have. I can not pass these up at Flea Markets, or junk stores, or garage sales.. I LOVE THEM.. and always seem to find room fo them or place to use them. So I thought I would share a small sample of the cabinets I have. This green one is in our office area.. and I have one more that I will be selling soon.. Yes, I am parting with one, actually a few soon.

And I can't believe I am showing a small part of my sewing area. Which as I said we live in a small house and being creative on space is my number one thing around here.. so this use to be our fab bar area in our basement. .The paintings on the wall are of Pete Rose and a few other Cincinnati Reds and Bengals players.. My sister in law is a mural artist and she did these.. I just could not paint over them.. so we took the custom bar down, that my husband built and he made me a sewing area.. OK, so it is not quite finished with decorating it or organizing it. .but I wanted to show you my two cabinets I have there.. LOVE THEM! Yes my sewing machine is very old, but I love it and it will sew through anything.. They don't make sewing machines like they use too.

This is not a great shot of this cabinet..but it is what I organized this weekend with all my new fabrics and I just moved it into my sewing area too.. I got this at a yard sale for $25.00 It was one of those where there was no tag.. and I thought "man this has to be exspensive" but when I asked she said "$25.00" I quicly whipped out my $25.00 and asked to hold it and Paul went back with me to get it.. There are a total of 5 shelves in it and it is so pretty.. and I love that I can keep my fabric super clean, and see it too.

This little file drawer thingy, I found at a flea market.. Like I said I seem to be totally drawn to anything with small drawers. This is great.. I have a lot of craft stuff stored in here and it was all handmade too..

And then there is this little beauty.. This was also purchased at a flea market and I had about 4 ladies stop me and ask where it came from, did they have more, would I be willing to sell it? First booth on the end, NO and NO. This is so cool it is like a roll top desk top with tiny compartments inside.. I have had this all over my house.. in the kitchen, livingroom, patio room sewing area. I just love it and it looks good anywhere I put it. I love the old cracked, chippy paint too.

This came from the same flea market too.. and this was also handmade.. OK this is just so cool.. It has a ton of small dawers and is all white and chippy too.. I have it in my sewing area as well and have needles and misc.. things in there. You always need a place put small things.. well find something that really stands out as well and is great to look at too.
Well I am off to go and pick up kids.. can I just say that by doing this post during it day it has taken me 2 hours.. I have had to stop and start so many times it is nuts.. and my phone has rang all day today, of coarse things I had to answer.
I am doing the Madeira Art Show in May.. I have never done a show before so I am excited about that and sewing like mad to get a good stock pile of stuff.. I will post more information on that as well soon.
Well off to pick up kids, make dinner, do homework, ball practices, baths, clean the kitchen, straighten the house, and then try to sew some more.. Now I know why I do computer stuff at night.. everyone is in bed and no one calls me at 11:00 to talk and I don't have to be anywhere so it is my perfect time to work..
Have a great day! -Mechelle


  1. stepping into your blog is like stepping back in time..thanks :)

  2. I love the cabinets, Mechelle...show us more...

    Love and Kisses

  3. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your storage pieces! They are amazing treasures!

  4. I love your storage cabinets, especially that brown one with all the drawers!!!! Isn't that just "on loan"?????? Don't cry, Shelly...