Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No, I have not taken to decorating with medicine bottles.. although this what my kitchen window looks like.. and it does appear that these are my new "nick nacks". They are not. Everyone in my house has been sick, including me. We started with a cold, then it lead to asthma for my youngest.. then the middle child got it, then my son, then my husband and now me. My son and I are still sick. He is again home from school with fever, aches and a sore throat. So between us all, this what we have been feeding one another to get well.
Yes, I see the splatter on the window as well. I have no idea what that is other than water spots and really do not care. When I am feeling better Iwill wipe down the window. What is in the background? Well that would be our air hockey table.. that window opens up to our patio room, which at the moment is not in use :) It is a beautiful room, when it is cleaned and in use.. which soon it will be..
Well back to bed. I hope you all are well and out enjoying the best days we have had so far this year.. Have some fun for me too!
So excuse me for a few days while I feel better and try to make my kids all better too!

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  1. Get well, sweetheart and take care.

    Love and Kisses