Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of those weeks

It has been one of those weeks.. You know when the week starts out you have a ton of things planned to get done. You are actually excited because you have written it out or have the list in your head.. and all of a sudden it is the middle of the week and you have maybe one or two things done, or are in the middle of a huge project, only to realize the end of the wwek is close than you thank and you are booked with "volunteer" things for the rest of the week, so when are you going to finish the mess you started making???? That has been my week.
I have been a bad blogger this week and I apologize for that. My camera is not working and is being looked at, so I can't post any pictures of my aprons I have done, or even put them in my etsy shop.. Soon! they will be there soon! Why do I not have a back up camera? That is what should be on my list!
I was all excited thinking I have a hair appt. tomorrow, and then I realized that I have to work at school to help with spring pictures, so I had to cancel that.. and I am so bumed. You know you finally get the nerve to go with a new look, you are ready for it, you have siked yourself up all week and then "bam" no hair appt and now I am doubting the new look I had in my head.

I just wanted to check in and let you all know where I have been.. And a huge Thank you for all the comments.. I love hearing from you and you are way to nice!

I will be doing a give a way at the end of the week for one of my aprons.. so I will keep you posted on that as well..

Hope your weeks are going better than mine, or that you are getting your lists done :)
Have a great Thursday!

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