Monday, April 6, 2009


Well the past few days I have got more of magazines and bought a few too.. If you have not read any of my past post.. I have a addiction to decorating magazines.. and should be seeking help for it.. but they inspire me so I tell myself it is alright.

This one is FULL of great ideas... a must read

And this is FULL of great ideas and how to's, definately a must.

I just fell in love with this idea.. If you are a frequent flea market shopper or crafter.. you have a few of these lying around and not being used.. How cute is this idea? You trace your child's hand with a fabric pen and then use embroidery floss to go over it and put their name and the year. Now I also love the handpainted hand prints, but this is just too cute and what a keepsake.

They are adorable all together.. I think we may have to do some of these this week, while we are on spring break. And maybe a few for Grandparents Day coming up.

What to do with all your fabric scraps???? Well make them into coasters.. anyone can do this one. And I think I may have to make a few of these up for gifts..

Love the fabrics used here.. Pull that bag of scraps out and have fun!

Just loving this little corner and the colors.

I guess there is no surprise what my fav colors are is there?

OK this one just because I have a thing for mirrors and I love the curtains. I actually have a shower curtin like this.. waiting to be hung up.

But I LOVE This shower curtain better!!!! Look at the colors and I have never sewn one before, but I am thinking that could a project to put on my list.. Love these fabrics together.

Just because I am hoping for warmer days and I love sea shells too.

Have an attic you don't know what to do with? How lovely is this? The soft green and white.. Beautiful and so peaceful.

Sorry for the glare of my camera.. but again these colors just get my attention.. And I am again loving this organge with the aqua blue.. perfect for summer.

Just a close up.. Love it.

Don't you love using old windows and candleabra's with prisims? I can't have enough prisims in my house..

A new and very "french chic" look.. I just bought some of these a while back and just cut one this weekend to use for an apron.. and one to use for a purse.. but I also like this idea too.

I have seen this before, but it is always so pretty.. and these mirrors you can find anywhere, but hung like this they are truly lovely.

OK, before you throw out your old rake, or come across a great old one at a yard sale, or on the side of the road.. and think "what could I use this for?" Well here is your answer.. a one of a kind wine glass holder.. I love this idea.

Isn't this too neat? A great conservation starter for sure and a great way to re-use something and give it a new purpose.

And the best for last.. This is one of two matching quilt I just picked up! There is a company here in Cincinnati that does estate sales and they mostly do them as a on-line auction.. well I have found some neat stuff for next to nothing. The is starting to be known now, so the prices seem to be going on (shucks) Anyway.. I won this quilt for $22.00 and was thrilled. Well the day I was suppose to pick it up one of the lady's called and said they found another one and would I like it as well for $20.00? Well YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea how beautiful they were.. I mean look these quilts.

They are in MINT shape and someone has added skirts to each quilt. and the edges are just BEAUTIFUL.. These are all hand stitched and old feed sack fabrics and both of them match.

I am hoping that soon, my girls will be done with the Hannah Montanna bedding and really enjoy these old quilts and the history and love that goes into making one. I have two of these one for each of my girls that I will give them when they will appreciate it! But for now, I am loving them and displaying them with my other quilts.. My other weakness! We are on spring break this week and are spending it at home.. bowling, lazer tag, a movie and the best a huge indoor water park one day, they know nothing about.. Wish me luck getting through the week with all the sewing I have to do too..but hey, that is what I do at 1 and 2 in the morning when I can't sleep right? Sorry to over-laod you with photos, but if you are like me.. this all just eye candy.. Enjoy!~Mechelle

The name of the site is Everything but the house. Some of the stuff they will ship, unless stated.. But it is worth checking out.

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