Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving... be back soon!

I don't have a lot to talk about other than boxes, packing tape, dust, and a huge MESS!
We are in the final week of moving. I had no idea how hard this is, and to those of you who move often.. my hat is off to you.
I have found that I have way too many boxes of Lazonga noodles and do not know why... I have found that I should of cleaned behind cabinets a long time ago. I have found that maybe moving the Frig and Stove out every once in a while is something I should start doing. I have learned that I think I am a hoarder of fabric and should be in a support group getting some help for that.
If it is true that when we pass on, we all turn to dust, I have a whole third world living in my basement!
Ok, so some of that is from the dryer vent that had a hole in it, a while back, but that is a whole different story..
But on a good note, I will say it is very cleansing to get rid of stuff too.
My yard sale stash continues to grow and should be a good sale. So again if you live local, Iwill let you know when it is and don't miss it.
I will not be on here much as our last night in this house will be on Friday and I still have to deal with getting the cable hooked up and all that good stuff. And I just have a ton of stuff yet to do. My closets are really scary. They are organized, but when you live in a small house, you can really pack a closet.. and I don't clean them out that often. So I can't imagine what I will find in there.
I have found some really neat things too.. Old books my kids wrote from years ago, pictures, old cards, baby items from my kids.. That part is fun.. but also then I find myself sitting there an hour later with piles of photos, remembering, and then getting sad, and blah blah blah...... Does anyone else do that?
OK, again I need to be packing and I finding a ton of excuses not too.. so I have to go... Wish me luck!
Talk to you all soon!


  1. Wow, all this energy. But how very exciting for you.

  2. Don't worry, will all be worth the effort in a few weeks...and just think...then it's time to decorate for Christmas...hee hee!!!

    Love and Kisses

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  4. I didn't know you did all this Mechelle! As a first time visitor just stopping by to say Great Job! I love aprons! I make homemade chicken n dumplins and they can be quite messy! Wonderful site also!