Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall, Pumpkins & Moving

OK, I LOVE Halloween just about as much as I love Christmas. I want these pumpkins.. aren't they adorable.

And if you love benches and have a few around, like I do, this is a great idea for our porch.

And I even like simple pumpkins too.

The move is going alright. We are living in the new house, and just finishing up cleaning out the old house. I have to tell you, 20 years in one house is just crazy at the amount of Crap I had in that house. I am now finishing up the basement tonight, and the shed tomorrow and then setting up for the garage sale on Saturday. I can't wait till next week, so I can start "decorating" this new house, it is driving me nuts!

I will post pictures soon.. have a great week, and Happy Fall Decorating!



  1. I love all of these pumpkins! I'm definitely trying out the bench idea for my front porch. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't even tell you how excited I am for pumpkins!! I love the photos you shared :) I wish I had tons of money for Fall through Winter decorating!! :)

  3. I just love the pumpkin photos...and I can't wait to see the photos of your new home.

    I'm going to buy some things to decorate for Christmas today...I'M CRAZY!!!