Thursday, August 12, 2010

The BEST Ice Cream Ever.. Come on in...

While on our mini vacation.. We came across a small town that we stopped in, Corydn Indiana.. And while there we found the BEST Ice Cream shop in the US! Come on in.. you will see why.
First of all.. Just the outside of this place caught my eye.. all the vintage things.. and of Coarse the sign that said Ice Cream.. I mean it was like 95 degrees out and I had just walked like 5 blocks with my kids..whinning the whole time!!!!
I just about died when I walked through the door.. like a time machine.. WOW
Look at the bar stools, the old chalkboards.. LOVE it all.
Look at all this Taffy.. and it is the old kind of taffy. Look at the old fans.. all working perfectly..
This is behind the main counter.. look at the old toys and bubble bath containers.. I am telling you this place was magical.
Candy.. candy.. candy.. YUM YUM YUM!!!
Completely restored orginial coke machine
The best old bubble bath containers.. Love the colors!
The Rice Krispies Guys were there too!
A drawing of the Orginial shop.. Mrs. Emery made all her ice cream by hand.. She had this little shop in front of her home.  She would open after school and after dinner at night.  The new owner has her old recipes and seached all over to make the inside as orginial as it use to be.  There is not even a phone in this place. The ice cream is unreal.. I had a huge bananna split and they even had ice cream called Cake Batter.. I love cake batter and boy this was dead on!!!!
The two gals that took great care of us, filled us in on the history and were super nice..
Love this picture!
And this one too!  Check out their web site.. really you will love it!
Check out this old town.. It was fun!
And one of my favorite pics from vacation.... My Carly, fast asleep on the boat going in for the day, after a day of tubing on Lake Patoka..

 If you live any where near Indiana.. You have to check this place out.. Wonderful family lake.. Very clean, fun place.  I will post more pics tomorrow.. Now back to reality.. mountains of laundry, dentist appt and last minute school shoe shopping.. And my kids don't know yet, but we are stopping at a Thrift Shop too, lol.. They will be SO happy, NOT.. :) Stay cool and have a great afternoon!  Thanks for looking at my trip pictures too!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful getaway, especially the Ice Cream shop. Vintage and ice cream too...heavenly.