Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Well I have been hard at work in the sewing room. This is just a shot of the coaster I have been working on.  I have a few local shows coming up for summer and a few for fall, so I have been working like crazy..
Still have not updated my etsy shop!! Where does the time go?  I just realized that in one month from Friday my kids go back to school.. Part of me is happy and part is sad.. I like the quiet to work, but I also like not having school things to deal with too!  Anyway.. hopefully I can my shop filled in the next few days.. 
But in the mean time.. we have been doing a few things..
Went to the parade and watched fireworks.. Had a blast.. This is James our friend and basically like family! He is a too much fun!!!
My daughter Macy and our friends little girl watching the Parade.. 
The BEST cupcake outdoor decoration I saw!  It is Madeira's 100 year celebration so they have these cupcakes at city hall.. They are ADORABLE and I knew all you bloggers would LOVE them...
Appears to be just chicken wire, a plastic tub and flowers made out of tissue paper, but I think it is Awesome!

I re-stocked my space with some goodies.

Here are a few book marks I have been making..I just love them! And this lamp is too pretty!  Wish I had a house big enough to keep all the goodies I find, sigh...
Anyway, I am off to take one to the doctor who keeps getting a sore throat, hate that! And then sewing some goodies for a birthday party today and one of Saturday.. finishing up a chair that was a special order and hopefully getting my etsy shop stocked.. No time!!! Have a great day, and enjoy the sun!


  1. Hope 3rd time is the charm. Can't seem to get my comment to go through.
    Your coasters are great. Looks sew easy and you did a nice job on them.
    Kids and fun.
    Wished I lived close enough to visit your booth. Everything is displayed so nicely.

  2. Hi Mechelle, I was in the store today and had time for only a quick peek at your booth. It looks amazing, you have a great eye and fun color style. Love it. Don't know how you fit it all in!!! Summer is CRAZY!!