Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun, Finds and Friends

So I went on a field trip with my daughters 5th grade class to the zoo!  It was too much fun.  I had the best group of girls.. It is sooooo much nicer going on field trips with older kids..

These girls had more fun posing for pictures..

What did they think was the most fun?  Going UP the DOWN escalator!

When I was junking I came across these old Kangaroo's.. Do any of you remember them?

They had that snazzy pocket on the side where you could stash a quarter.  Remember when you could actually BUY something for a quarter???  They don't fit either of my girls..which they were super bummed about, there are a size 5 1/2.. if anyone out there can use these, email me.. I was going to put them in my etsy shop, but I will offer them to you first.  I'm only asking $5.00  that a steal!  They are in gerat shape too..

Then I decided to wear one of vintage pins and my thrift store belt to work last Friday.. I have to say I loved it!  I love that old pin are back in style!

My new shower curtain.. I like it.. but not sure I Love it yet....

A great oil painting I found, now this I LOVE!

Too pretty!  Hope you are all are having great weeks.. We have been so busy with school and sewing projects.  I helped my youngest daughters Girl Scout troop make headbands the other night.  I had 22 girls.. It was too much fun and they loved it.  I am enjoying my kids and getting some VERY LONG OVER DO projects done.. I also am having a party here for Macy's birthday which was earlier this month. So I will pop back in soon.  Have a great weekend..


  1. Oh the zoo, always fun. Love your finds, shoes too cute!

  2. Oh yes! Love the zoo. :-)
    Can't say I remember Kangaroos, but I was on drill team for years, so I wore white Keds for most of my life...still do.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. To Cute Pics. Did you make the shower curtain. I absolutely love it!!! Let me know where you got it! Take care, B

  4. I remember field trips with my boys classes. Loved it. Miss it. I'm sure the pictures made it a more fun trip for 5th grade girls.
    Yes, remember Kangaroos. Around my house they were blue though.
    Mechelle, I love that shower curtain. I've been wanting to make a purse like that.
    With three kids, I know how busy life can be.
    Enjoy them(I can tell you do) and have fun. It goes way too fast