Thursday, September 9, 2010

Four days of Wandering

I Love LONG weekend, but I hate short weeks.. when it causes me total confusion!
I have been a day behind all week, and a dollar short! 
This is a crazy wacky idea I had.. I took an old cake server and covered it with fabric scraps.. It is not totally dry here, so it looks better now.. but Trust me, no one will mistake your cake server for theirs at a party!
I also did another window.. I seem to sell these and I LOVE making them.. It must be the patchwork, but I just love them.  This one is not dry and again, looks better now that it is dry.  I tried something new this time an I actually used fabric instead of paper and I glued it right to the glass.. Loved it and it looks great and much easier to work with.
Monday was Macy's Birthday.. she turned 9.. My baby is 9! Her new outfit, adorable.
She got her VERY OWN Ipod nano.
She also has Bieber Fever, really bad!
She is a wonderful girl! Always willing to help out, cares about everyone! Can tell a story and is so quick witted.. hmmm.. wonder where that comes from.. She has the best smile ever and she has the biggest heart you will ever find.  She is a wonderful friend to all and she loves animals too. And we love her with all our hearts! What a blessing she is to us!
This is the picture of me she took.. Not the best.. but you get to see what I look like at least :)
And Sampson... Looking out the window, messing up the sofa as usual.. What's on is mind you ask?  Well, he is just trying to figure out where to take his pre-nap.. the nap you take before your big nap in the afternoon!
Have a great weekend.. If you are in the Milford area this weekend, stop by old Milford for the Sun Flower festival.. Tons of vendors and great sales at the shop too!


  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for saving me on Wed. You are the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Macy! P.S. Love the window!

  2. Well, first of all...Happy Birthday Macy!! What a cutie she is. I can tell she likes the camera.
    Love seeing a picture of you too, Mechele.
    Great cake server idea. And love the window with fabric. Great way to use scraps. I just can't throw away those little pieces of art. I have always loved old windows. Now I have a new reason to try to find one.
    Did you use Mod Podge?

  3. Love the cake server and the window!! Your daughter is adorable!

  4. Hey Cutie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE this cake server & window! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

    Warmly, Michelle