Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fabric Note Cards Tutorial

No, I did not go on vacation.. I sure do wish.. I have been busy working on re-stocking my shop and getting ready to stock more on my etsy site too.. I decided to make some of these fabric covered note cards with my scraps.. I LOVE them!

I bought a pack of blank cards from Michaels, you can find them any where..

I gathered my scraps, and I should write a book about what to do with scraps, because I have a TON!

You sew your fabric right to the card.. No special thread and it won't rip the card

Make sure your fabric goes over the sides, you can trim it later.  This is what the inside of your card will look like.  I used white thread for the inside and colored for the outside.

I also added some extra ribbon I had laying around too.

And here are your finished cards.. Great way to give one of a kind cards and a great way to use up those scraps!

Hope you are enjoying your day!  Email me with any questions. 


  1. I have a link to your blog on my blog...go look, and I am putting my aspirin mask on there this week!!