Monday, October 25, 2010

Peaceful Spaces

I thought I would share some of favorite pictures of Peaceful Spaces in the home..

I love this headboard idea.. and now have a winter project for my husband.

I want this pantry.. I LOVE the chalkboard painted door.

Another tufted headboard..hmmmmm

And another...

Sorry the pictures are small.. I found them on the web and just copied them onto the blog..I have been MIA for over a week.  All is great.. Just busy sewing for two big upcoming shows that are one week apart.  Also to be honest with you.. My sewing area is such a mess right now.. I have totally misplaced my camera!  I know how sad is that?  But if you can't be honest on yourself and be honest on your blog, you should not be blogging.. I'm human. My house is a mess, and I have threads on me ALL the time..Is anyone else this UN-ORGANIZED at times?  Please share with me, so I do not feel ALONE!
I will be back soon.. as soon as I FIND my camera and show you what I have been sewing..  What have you all been working on?
Have a great day!!!!


  1. Lovely spaces, Mechelle. I love the chandeliers too. Hope you get your tufted headboard. I have never had a headboard...hmmmm.
    That pantry is something. Love blackboard paint.
    Yes, when sewing for a deadline, my sewing room is a mess (yes right now) and totally identify with the threads on me thing.LOL

  2. Love love love love that light blue headboard!:)

  3. Love the spaces you chose! Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Great room photos! Love the chalkboard door on the pantry.
    I hope you have lots of buyers at your upcoming shows!!!

    Oh, and btw, our new house is just 3 minutes from our current one. :-)