Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Halloween Ideas

 I hope you are not tired of me posting Halloween Decorating ideas..I love finding ideas all over and using them to decorate, mostly when they are super easy.. And how easy is this?  Just save your milk jugs and wash them out.. draw a face with a sharpie marker, cut a hole in the back, add one of those new handy dandy battery light candles and here you go!  How cute up and down your driveway, or your steps leading to your door.  The trick or treaters will love them!

OMG are these pumpkins the coolest or what?  I LOVE the plaid ones and the ones with the leaves on them.  I think I will have to try some of these.. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.. We have had a great day with getting some outside things done.

 Had to put a wireless fence for our Lab.. The lady down the street has decided to raise chickens, and thinks that even though the city requires a coop, that has been inspected to be safe and accurate for your chickens, and has to be 50 feet off all property lines, she thinks the rules do not apply for her.. She lets them run.. So of coarse my dog wants to get to them. 

My thinking is this, and I am sorry if I offend any of you.. If you are going to bring a FARM animal in the CITY, then it should be YOUR responsibility to keep them safe and keep things out of YOUR yard and away from your animal.  OK, now I have vented to you all.. I am not against her having them at all, just that she should also have to keep them safe, and follow the guidelines that were put into place as the ones were put into place for me to own and have a domestic animal in the city.  OK, so enjoy your weekend.. We are about to FREEZE going to a soccer game.. What a change from the heat!  Thank you God!


  1. Another cool idea. Now I will have my DIL with the 6 kids to save her milk jugs.
    I too love the plaid pumpkins.
    Yes, Yes, Yes, to what you said about animal owner responibilites. If only...
    Thanks for another great easy decorating idea.