Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still Sewing....

I am not missing.. Just still sewing for this  I did manage to take a break.. I mean I have LOOK at blogs!  Look at this fab quilt... hmmmmm something I may be doing with my scraps!

Going to be headbands, purse thingy's and add on's for aprons

If you do not own one of these.. they are a MUST.. I take mine with me everywhere.. and will have some at this

TONS of buttons all over the place

This is about how I look.. but I have threads all over me and the floor and everthing I touch!

If you know me at all.. you know I have a serious addiction to Mirrors.. I found this the other day and can't wait to try this in my house.. Isn't this neat?

My girls found this.. and I told them it could never be theirs because this room is clean and organized..

These little tags I thought were adorable...

NO, No baby on the way, but this room is so peaceful and adorable.. Who would not want this room?

What a cute idea for those ugly covers over our lamps.. I like this alot.

And look at these bracelets.. I think these will be on my gift giving this year.

Well back to making these....
Hope you all have a great week... The show is next week.. and I also have a small one during the week at Kenwood Country Club next Tuesday.  If you don't hear from me.. I'm sewing! 

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