Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where have I been?

Where have I been??? Sewing Aprons...

Doing a few small craft shows

My lady here.. has seen better days. I had to "borrow" her from my girls room.. Sorry Rosie

I'm thinking this has to go on something.. I bought these letter from the shop and added them to my type writter.. I actually copied the idea from Bonnie who I bought the letters from!

I know.. this is not finished.. but I did a few of these tonight.. this one will be finished about midnight or 2 am...

It's the new Anna Maria Horner Fabric, Innocent Crush.. LOVE IT!!!

Went down to the shop today to "rob" it and take all my sewing stuff out.. thougth I grab a window..

It had sold.. so I made another one... This one I just did and it is not dry yet...

I love this picture of Jake and Carly

And of my girls.. Macy and Carly

Oh, and my NEW boots.. (I will talk about my OBSESSION soon) Got these at Meijers for $30.00

Back to the kids

See No Evil, Hear No Evil and SpeakNo Evil

What??? Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil.. much better

I feel like doing this...
I found these at a craft show.. a lady was making them and they were selling like crazy.. They are bedtime Monsters.. They are so cute.. Both my girls got one and they Love them.. They sorta grow on you...

Next Monday.. I will be doing this with Sampson!!! The big THREE day Holiday Market is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. We are setting up tomorrow and stocking the booth.. I will keep sewing and adding to it.. I have never done a three day show.. I am freaked out, nervous and worried I do not have enough stuff.. Aren't we all when we do shows?  Oh well.. they can order it right?  I hope :)
If you live in Cincinnati or close by, stop by Duke Energy Center, the Convention Center down town and shop for a while. It should be fun.. a ton of great stuff and stop in and see hi! 
The hours are Friday 10 - 6    Saturday 10 - 6   Sunday 10- 5 
Next week, once I recover I will be doing a great give away and getting back to normal.. Have a great week!!!!


  1. Beautiful aprons! And, Ohhhhh, those lamp shades!
    Cute, Cute Kids,
    Adorable dog!
    Great Boots!
    So much fun!!!!

  2. It was fun seeing your display of handmades for the craft shows. Love your use of contemporary fabrics, and you have a nice variety. I have my last of three little shows Saturday.
    Your kids are great. Isn't it fun seeing them being silly together. We had a chocolate Lab once...he was never that still.
    Love the boots too.

  3. Hi Mechelle,

    Your creations are beautiful - you are sure to sell out this weekend!

    Thanks for buying the letter balls ;)