Friday, November 12, 2010

My Holiday Market Booth

This is my booth at the Holiday Market.. This is where I was today from 10 - 6.. and where I will be Saturday 10 - 6 and Sunday 10 - 5

I have only 3 full aprons left.. I will be sewing into the "wee" hours to take more with me tomorrow

Just a few I took

These are my "new" thing.. I will have these in my etsy shop Starting Tuesday.. They are filled with dried Lavender and loaded with vintage Rhinestone Jewlery, velvet ribbon and lace.

Boy.. I should of dusted this off.. Note to self.. take windex tomorrow...

These are water bottle holders.. They went over very well

The window dried.. I sold one and I also had a cake carrier I did like this, and it sold as well.

This is one of 4 isles.. and I was at the end of one isle.. It is HUGE.. great stuff here to buy.. Well back to the sewing room.  I am taking Monday off.. I am laying on my sofa and doing NOTHING all day long!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Very cute booth! I would definitely stop by to visit if I was there. Have a great weekend!

  2. Michelle,

    Your booth looks amazing. I love the little pillows your selling with the vintange jewlery attached. Absolutely beautiful. I hope you sell like crazy!!! I wish I was there!!

  3. My daughter likes to sew aprons..You and she would get along great!Very cute and beautiful stuff!!

  4. You deserve a day of rest. You have been a very busy girl. I love your booth and it took a long time to take it all in. Your variety amazes me.
    I know you must have sold a lot of that great stuff. I have vintage rhinestone jewelry envy. It's hard to find around here. Because I sew, I know how much you put into that display.

  5. Your booth looked just wonderful! I hope you had a very successful sale!

  6. Wow! Your booth is gorgeous!
    I just love those pretty aprons and the burlap and jewel sachets.
    Great job!
    It looks like you had a nice turn out, too. :-)