Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catching my breath

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but rather into a very long over do organizing of my life and my home.

I sorta took the month of January off to organize the house.. You know.. go through closets that you "say" your gonna do but never get done..Well I did them.. and we also did some things in the kitchen as well..Let me say after that, my husband is NO longer a fan of Ikea.. as my living room looked like their stock room for a while...

It seems we have had one sick kid after another since Christmas and lots of family stuff going on too. 
I miss blogging, I miss crafting, I miss sewing.. I miss reading all your blogs that I am sooooo behind in reading, heck I am missing junking too.  I am sooooo behind on my pinterst list, it's just to crazy to talk about..:)

All of a sudden it was February and next week Valentine's Day.. why does it seem the days go faster and faster all the time?  I have one child left who has Valentine's Party at school.. I am planning that and having mixed feelings about it being the last party that I will be room mom of.. I am so gonna miss that Elementary School next year :)

Well I have been reading one blog.. my dear friend Tracey  If you want to remember why you should slow down and enjoy life.. stop over her blog.. First grab a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea.. some kleenex and get ready to laugh, cry and just be inspired by my dear friend.

I on the other hand, am done catching my breath and cleaning.. We have 5 basketball games this weekend, but starting Monday, I am back at crafting, sewing, blogging and having some fun!  I mean for real, a girl can only organize so much.. I sorta like the crazy mess we live in.. I feel like my house is to be "lived in" not just a show place for pretty blog pictures.  So next week I am back! 
I hope you all Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I've been watching for you to reappear and now I miss a few days and here you are. You have had a busy month. Good to get some of those things done, huh? It's funny how you think when your kids are babies you will have more time when they are older...not so. Your time with them is so important at the age yours are. You have your priorities straight. That's a good thing.
    Happy late Valentines.

  2. Just missing you and checking in. Hope all is well and you are just busy.

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