Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Brothers are the BEST!

I never had a big brother growing up, I am the oldest and I only had a very pesty little brother. He is not that bad now, but he use to be! So when my Carly was at her game last night and was told she was going in at catcher, which is her brother's position on his team, she was excited. She of coarse had a little trouble getting the equipment on..

"Mom do you think you could put the camera down, and help me?"

Not to worry, Thankfully "Big Brother" was in the stands and ran over to help, without being asked, and I was able to document this!

A few last words of advice

She knows what she is doing!

Like a pro.....

Big Brothers are the Best!

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  1. My brothers have always been my best friends. I tell them everything, so much so that one brother said to me one day, Mona, you've got to get a girlfriend. My daughter has brothers, too. She still kids me about when she used to ask for a toy and I replied, You don't need toys--you've got brothers. Brothers are the best and they're in your life forever. Mona