Friday, June 26, 2009


First off I want to say RIP to Farrah and Michael Jackson. What a loss yesterday. I know we all have our own opions of Michael and I am not getting into that on here. .but more about the music. I'm sure everyone has a song or two or 30 :) that you hear and take you take you back to younger carefree days.. I wanted to share a memory with you.

One of my best friends growing up, Melinda and I took my grandma to a record store in our little town of Norwood Ohio, called Record Theatre. My grandma was going on a trip with my grandpa and wanted some new cassette tapes. We all went our seperate ways once in the store. All of a sudden Melinda came up to me and told me there was something wrong with "this picture" as she put it, and poinated towards my grandma who was shopping in the rock and roll section, while Melinda and I were in the country music section buying Dolly Parton's cassettes. Now here comes my grandma with a smile on her face with three tapes in hand.. Elton John, Rod Steward and Michael Jackson! We laughed so hard.. My grandma was a true country lady,. but she liked her pop music too! We laugh about that to this day Melinda and I do.. My grandma passed way almost 8 years ago. If there is stalking in heaven, she will be stalking Michael Jackson! I must get that honestly.

Besides the record theatre fun, my friends and I would go on a "road trip" to Cumberland Falls each summer.. I normally had to drive, and since it was my car.. I made my own car rules. We had to listen to a Michael Jackson tape front and back.. before we could listen to anything else in the car.. and after each other cassette tape we listened too.. Now a few of my friends complained, but to this day... twenty something years later.. they all have those memories of riding in the car jaming to his music and I can trust you, they all know all the words too! So regardless of what he did in life, his music made me happy, made me dance and gave me some wonderful memories of my best friends in life! For that I am thankful.

Hope you all have a good memory or two that take you back and bring a smile or a chuckle to your day! Enjoy life, love your family and make a lot of memories that everyone can share. Memories are what get through a lot of hard times in life.



  1. Its Interesting How Music Has Its own special & different meaning for each individual.It is unique in that it can evoke a whole Set of Memories & Feelings.The Feelings are even more Important than the Music itself I think.
    Have A Fine Weekend.

  2. Music has a way of doing that...evoking memories. I'm that way with The is really funny...a 60 year old listening to "Won't get fooled again". I bet I would have really liked your Grandmother. I know I love her granddaughter very much!!!