Thursday, June 4, 2009


mother of three, a little crazy, realized she volunteered for way too many things at one time, house is a mess, seems to be living out of her van, does not seem to understand what a cooked meal is, is walking around with a notebook and pen in hand at all times, so she does not forget anything.. seems a little lost,
I found her.. after school was out..
OK, so I was not really missing, but missing from here. And yes, my house is a mess, I am not ready for summer yet.. We have been living in the van going to a ton of make up games for baseball and softball. We have been living on fast food, well not everyday but more than two times a week is way too much for me. How many Wendy's Cheeseburgers can you really eat in a week? And yes, I have a notebook in my purse all the time because I have that sudden "Oh my Gosh, was I suppose to be there, or take this there" moments way to many times, so the notebook is my new BFF.
The month of May I had way too much going on, but now that school is out, (yea) I am in the process of getting a blog make over and making my blog work like a website. I am cleaning up my house, cleaing out my van and just trying to get into summer mode.
Tomorrow morning I will be having a give away, so be sure to check back and this time I mean it!
Hope you all are glad school is out and you can relax a little too. Why do we moms always say yes to everything, and then wonder why the house is a mess, the car is a mess and that we should of had a dye job on our hair about two weeks ago, and we never have enough time in the day to get it done?
Because we are female, is the only answer I came up with, what is yours?