Thursday, October 1, 2009

A star is reborn

I love these old stars. I wanted to do something fun and different for my girls room. Since they are leaving the soft pink look behind. I though was a great way to reuse what we have and make something new.

I let them pick out a few fabrics.

Then I made a template from newspaper.

I just traced the template onto the fabric.

I then just used glue and water and attached the fabric to the star.

It's Fun, Funky and the girls love it. It needs some ric rac, which I will let the girls help with.

Have a great Thursday


  1. The stars turned out great. I love the different fabrics that you put together!! Good eye! Stop by my blog - I am having a give away! Take care!

  2. VERY cute Idea! I love the colors too!

  3. You are such a clever thing!!!!!

    That star is adorable.

    Love and Kisses

  4. That turned out really cute!

  5. Great idea! How's the move?