Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Congrats to our Madeira Magic Team

I have to give a whole blog post to my daughter Carly and her Awesome basket team, Madeira Magic! 
These girls have played together for the past three years and have never lost a single game, during their normal season.
I don't care who you are that is IMPRESSIVE!  These girls are 5th graders.. These girls are amazing and are the sweetest girls around!

These girls have TWO Wonderful coaches who give a ton of their time to teach these girls with their hearts and teach them Well, obviously!

These girls LOVE their coaches and they listen to them and respect them.. and do what they say and they win!

We also have the BEST parents ever!  The kind of parents  you become life long friends with and who you can't wait to see and sit with at the games!

These girls don't have big heads.. they just love to play the game and they love to win and they are NOT snobby about it at all.. They just want to play.

Two of our "scrappy" quick girls here.. Chloe and Marin

And this action shot here, is Mary.. Our gift from God and Deer Park! This is one tough girl!
And we can't forget the little sisters who get drug to all the games, who cheer them all on! Thank you girls!

And even though we did not win the tournament, we came in 2nd place, played our butts off and left with our heads high and ready to come back for next year!  What a great exciting season.. A thank you to our coaches and our girls.. What a wonderful family they have all become! 
Congrats Madeira Magic.. You girls are the BEST!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations to your Carly and her Madeira Magic team. How exciting. My 5th grade granddaughter played basketball, but they didn't win many. It's fun for the parents and grandparents too. Being involved in sports makes for good family time.

  2. Sweet post. Everything you said is true. I will miss watching them.