Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The List

I found this list yesterday that Carly had wrote and I had to share it with you...

It is her list of what she wants to do before Summer ends..

I love the one about putting salt on a slug, I remember doing that.. Life is so simple at 11... Your dreams are easy and reachable!

She has already crossed off one thing.. Having a Noodle war.. these things are just not for the pool!

I love seeing them have so much fun and OUTSIDE!

Of coarse all the running around and cold air, makes for a good afternoon nap...

For both girls that is...

Sharing the couch, for a change

Even Sampson is trying to get a nap in.. His Nap routine is completely thrown off when they are home :)

I whipped up a few new key fobs for the shop and to be listed here on my blog and etsy..

I am hoping to get those on tonight after dinner..

I don't know how anyone can find their keys witout one of these

Mine will be selling for $7.00 each.. Free shipping too

They make great gifts for teachers, friends and just to have a few around to hand out as Thank You's!

Tons and Tons of colors and fabrics to choose from...
Well we are off to run some errands, have lunch and hit a HUGE antique mall for the day.. Thank Goodness my kids have caved and now like to go Junking with Me!
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love lists. Your daughter's is the best because you can read what is important to her. My favorite is the salt on a slug too. Glad to know what a noodle war is. How fun and innocent.
    Great Key fobs too. Hope they sell really well for you. Someday I would love to have enough things done ahead to put on my etsy.
    Ohhh! Junking sounds like so much fun right now.