Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest Lampshade and Shows

Well here is my first Scrap Fabric Lamp Shade.. Found this on Pinterest and loved it.. It was a little more time consuming than you might think.. but I think it turned out great.. My 10 year old daughter's friend is dying to have this, so I guess it really must be "cool"

I have to say, it is really colorful and it was fun to make and a great use of scraps!

I also have been making a few of these little gift sets for little girls.. A purse and a scarf out of fleece

Made these years ago and thought I would bring them back again.

Fleece is soooo pretty! I will have these at the upcoming shows I have this weekend and next week.

Since Desperate Housewives was not on Sunday night I sat and made about 50 of these little things.. Some are for headbands, some for purses and some for pins They are not finished yet, but close to it!

I also made about 70 of these little things.. I love them.. Soon to be headbands. as well.
Well back to sewing.. I will post some new things tomorrow.. If you live local, Stop by Madeira Elementary School at 7840 Thomas Drive, Cincinnati Ohio  42243 between 10 and 5 on Sunday.. we have a Homemade for the Holiday Show going on, with some beautiful handcrafted items!
Have a great day!


  1. It has been a while since I have visited you. Wow! You have been busy. I bet the lampshade looks great with a light behind it. I can see why your daughter and friend liked it. Making purses out of fleece...what a great idea. Do you mind if I ask where you got the tags with your name on them. I've been wanting to look into that. Your flowers are great too. you sure got a lot made. Hope your Holiday show at the school went well.

  2. Oh Mechelle, Your lamp shade turned out soooo cute! Love the fun colors.
    You may have a fight on your hands over who gets to have that one. :-)