Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Decorating Help

I need some HELP! We are just about to start a MAJOR re-do on our girls room. We have two girls who share a room, we have a layout done, and have decided what they need in the room. .but I need to find some site that show some good girl room photos.
It seems my girls and I can not come to any agreement on colors.. and I need to find a happy medium. So if any of you have any ideas or know of some sites, I would SOOOOOOO appreciate it, as would my girls.
Just post them to me. I will be doing before, during and after photos too.. the work is set to start August 8th!
Thanks so much!!!!!


  1. Have you looked at all the cute rooms on Rate My Space? There are so many different color themes that hopefully they can decide on something they both like!

  2. Good Morning Mechelle:

    Try jcpenney.com and kidsbedroomworld.com Both of them have cute photos on their sites. I also agree that Rate My Space is a good place to look.

    Hope it helps.
    Love and Kissses

  3. I find a lot of inspiration from PBteen. girlsthemebedrooms.com also has some good ideas along with designdazzle.blogspot.com. Good luck.