Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Summer Days

Well I got this book in the mail today.. and if you have not purchased this, I suggest you run and grab one. WOW it is great. Tons of great tips and how to's.. A must for anyone who is blogging!

I am trying out my new camera. I broke my camera yesterday. I am always telling to kids to be careful of my camera, and I knocked it off the table and it dropped face down on the lens, while on. Since I can not live without a camera, I did replace it today and dropped the other one off to see if it can be fixed.

I found this old Ohio Art Sand Pails at Burlington Flea Market on Sunday! I just loved them. The colors are great and I think I may of found a new thing to collect.. like I need one more thing.. but they are fun!

This is my fourth vintage lady pin cushion I have.. I just love them. They are just so pretty. If you are looking for a quick good dip for your next gathering, or just to snack on.. I have a great one below, very simple too!

Start with one package of cream cheese, softened. Add some salsa, cut up green olives, shredded mild cheddar chese and a chopped onion. There are no measurements.. Just add to you get a flavor you like.

Mix it all well, and it will look like this.. Serve it with some Fritos and you will have a new fav!

Enjoy! I like it fresh and even after it has been in the frig for a while.


  1. Thanks for the book tip. It looks interesting. I am going to run out and get it.

  2. You will love the book! Tons of great blogs to read too!

  3. I can't wait to purchase that book! I looks like it will be a great read. Thanks for the tip!