Monday, February 1, 2010


A few things I have listed and will be listing today in my etsy store... All Vintage today.. sewing tomorrow!
An awesome old box.. I think it was an old instrument box

Pair of Cast Iron Barbola Boudior Lamps

Actually there are a pair of these pictures.. Very pretty!

A Chalkboard made from a old Door

The BEST Grandmas Flower Garden Quilt.. All Hand Stitched, All Hand Quilted, In MINT condition.. and I have two of them!  BEAUTIFUL

Cute Bow Tie Quilt Top.. And stitched and then machine quilted together.
So that is what I have been up to today.. More things to be listed this evening and more sewing to finish up..
Happy Monday!


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say "hi". Your booth at the Mercantile is so colorful and pretty. I love the things you sell, so fresh and fun!

  2. I adore those quilts...and lucky you for finding more than one :)

  3. You have been a busy girl. Wonderful finds you have added to Etsy. Love the vase head girl and beautiful quilts.

  4. It looks like I need to go check out your Etsy shop. :D

  5. love the quilts Mechelle....and the clock..looks like you are having a ball as usual...xoxo