Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day and Valentine's

First off.. My latest Thrift Store find for $3.99  Not bad.. One glass handle was broken, but that is easily replaced!
What do you do on a Snow Day?  The day before your Valentine's Party at school?  Make your own Valentine's.  I was so happy that both girls wanted to make homemade ones.. They were adorable!
Butterflies with Pixie Stix.. Who would not like one of these?
Then we made heart shape cupcakes for a class party.

I need to clean my oven.. but no.. not today!
All packed up and ready to go to school.. I took a ton of differnet icings and candies and let the second graders decoare their own cake!  Oh, they LOVED it.. All I heard was "Mrs. Hyatt, our mom does not let me do this at home" And my answer was after I saw the mountain of icings they were piling on the cakes, and I mean HUGE mountain of icing.. "Don't anyone tell your moms that Mrs. Hyatt, had this idea"  I'm sure they were on a sugar high.. we also made candy heart necklaces too!
My shadow, Carly.. always by my side. no matter what I am doing.. She is right there with me happy to help and to learn.  She is starting to sew too.
Macy had to have a few "extra" to try to make sure they were alright for her classmates! 
Our front porch while all the baking and card making was going on.. This was a LOT of snow!
Part of our back yard
Someone wants to go out and play in the snow too!
Hello????  I am waiting to go out.. any kids want to come with?
My hard working boy, shoveling the driveway.. way to go Jake!
I had to show you the icesicles on our neighbors house!  WOW HUGE
And even though today it is cold, and there is still a ton of snow.. the sun is out and it is beautiful.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend with your family!


  1. *sigh* What a beautiful snow day :)

  2. Looks like you and your girls took great advantage of a snow day and had lots of fun. My that is a lot of snow and those icesicles are something.