Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Quilt for Tess

I had to share with you this quilt... This quilt that is the BEST quilt you will ever see you in life!  This quilt that will have so much meaning to you and so much love to you, after you read this... This quilt that was made out of LOVE, for a very sweet little girl who's name was Tess.

Tess was a sweet little girl with a smile always on her face.  She was a daughter, a sister, and a friend to ALL who knew her!  Tess had Cystic Fibrois and she passed away in August 2007 from complications with this disease, at the age of 7.
This quilt was made with her clothes!  This quilt was made by an Amish woman who is almost 80 years old.
This most talented Amish woman went againt her normal beliefs to create this quilt for my dear friend Tracey and her family.  The Amish are not allowed to have "English" things in their homes.. No "English" clothes or anything.  They do not have cameras to take snap shots like we all do, so there was no digital camera sitting around to take snap shops of Tess's clothes.
She took each item shirt, dress, skirt, pants..etc.. and re-created it!  Down to the last detail..Yes this is a sweater with the real zipper from the orginial sweater in it and it has a 3D effect too.
One of her Dresses and hearts made out of other pieces of clothes. All Hand Stitched!
One of her favorite Fleece Shirts.. This is now the size of an American Girl Doll would wear.
These are on one quilt square and are the size that a Barbie would wear!

One of her dresses  I mean look at this detail...  This not your normal quilting.. and this is not your normal
talent with quilting.  This was all done by memory, all done by hand, and mostly done by love. She did not take photos, as the Amish do not have cameras to take photos of this stuff.. This wonderful lady made my friends day!  She hugged her when she saw the quilt and the Amish do not hug either! :)  Her family is enjoying the quilt.. What a dear thing to do and to create for a a special little girl who is now one of Heaven's Angels..
This is Tess.. And we all miss her too much!

I wanted to share with you the neatest idea.. Tracey, Tess's mom.. had to keep charge of 8 kids..
Look at this cool idea she and her husband did.. They took a small wall space near the basement door, and they added a metal sheeting.. and then she gave each child a basket with their name on it for school papers, permission slips.. stuff we need, but not right at the moment they give it to you! 
She also has a huge calender at the top with everyone's things to do.. and current seasonal snap shots of the kids.. It is the neatest thing I have seen.. and I have told her I wanted to do this in my house.. I think it is neat.. you can change it out and still be organized!  Way to go Ralph and Tracey.. OK, so probally Tracey thought the idea up and Ralph just made it! 

New things going in the shop on Wednesday... Vintage items, Key Chains, and more Aprons.. Finally..
Here are just a few...
My Favorite Verse!  This is an old orginial verse I found a long time ago.. My husband is taking the frame apart so we can copy this and I will be putting this in my etsy shop for sale.
Have a great night!


  1. Michelle, the quilt leaves me speechless. It is beyond amazig!!!

  2. That is the sweetest quilt and gift I have ever seen. What a joy it must have been for Tess's mom. Also loved the idea of the calendar and baskets. Gonna pass that on to my DIL who has 6 kids.
    Loved you aprons.

  3. WOW!!! What a quilt...You are right, this is not your ordinary quilt. I can't believe something like that can be done with a needle and thread.

    I also love the basket idea. I love the stainless steel idea...especially in the kitchen. Really Cool!!!

    Okay, call me stupid but what does DIL mean. Beverly used it in the above comment, and I can't figure it out...hee hee! (I know I am going to really feel dumb!!!!!)

  4. Mechelle, that quilt is so incredible. It must mean the world to your friend. So beautiful.