Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter Goodies

I have been absent, but with a good excuse... I have been crafting and sewing....
Here are a few of the little Easter Goodies I made for my shop space.  I have a few more in
the works and should get them on Etsy by Mid week.. which I know is tomorrow...
All I did is take an old thing of yarn.. add some natural color grass, by glueing it to the yarn.. then I glued
the egg to that.. Added some ribbon, glass buttons and made a handle.  The handle is a twine I got from JoAnn's and it is with the floral stuff and it is already this color.. All you do is cut it, bend it and I shoved it down inside the yarn, with some hot glue to hold it.  Very easy to do and you can make these in minutes!  Vintage Charm for Easter.

And now some sewing...
I made a few pillows too.. and my good friend Brenda gave me a few more of these feed sacks,
so I can make some more!
And my latest junking find.. I have been wanting one of these for a long long time.. Found a dealer who was going out of business and it was marked down, dirt cheap!  And I snagged it.. My kids will not stop typing on it, they think it is the neatest thing since the IPOD touch!
Have a great week and enjoy this sunshine we have been having.. I am out to clean out my garage to find some vintage goodies to put on Etsy.. So check back there tomorrow! 
Have a great night.


  1. The baskets are a great idea..very clever!! have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

  2. I also love the baskets...
    And your pillows are always the best!!!!

    Yums and smooches

  3. I've never seen a type writer like that one before. I looooove the keys. It is so unique! Take care.

  4. I love those baskets!!! They are just darling! And that typewriter is sooo cool! What a great find.

  5. Those are very cute :)
    I stumbled over here from somewhere and enjoyed reading your blog!