Friday, March 26, 2010

Sewing Fun

This is my Carly.. Always by my side when I am sewing, wanting to help, wanting to use the seam ripper for me!
I sat her down and gave her some fabric and told her to just practice sewing.. She was very into it, as you can see..
Her very FIRST pillow!  YEA!  She is very happy.  It is a pillow that she is using for her American Girl Doll.  She did it all by herself and I just sat and watched and guided her.  I am very proud of her and she is VERY proud of herself!
And this is Macy.. she is just starting to practice going in a straight line and learning to turn.  She did a Great job too and I'm sure she will be sewing pillows before long too.
And this pampered animal is Sampson..Everytime my girls see him laying or sleeping on the furniture.. which is all the time.. they have to cover him up.  Of coarse he lets them.. he loves it as much as they do.  Crazy Dog!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow.  The girls and I will be showing a great Super Easy fun Easter Craft you can do with your kids over Spring Break for Easter..
I will give you a hint... Large Plastic Eggs, Fabric scraps and Mod Podge... You will LOVE it!
Have a great Friday!


  1. Thats great to see them enjoying it too. Thats how I started when i was younger, watching my mom and then making pillows and so forth. My 4 yr old daughter keeps wanting to try!

  2. How sweet your girls are. I remember when my mom taught me how to do the same thing. So much fun. By the way, I thought I would get a chance to say, "hi" to you today at the Mercantile. But Maryanne told me you left early and I just missed you. I hope to catch you there sometime!

  3. I love to see the art of sewing passed down to the younger generation. Two of my granddaughters are already sewing and I love it.
    Great pillow, Carly. Keep practicing, Macy. You will be making things soon.
    Looking forward to your craft post.

  4. Kids , dogs and beautiful things ..what could be better??