Monday, March 29, 2010

Fabric Easter Egg Craft

A Super Easy Fun Easter Craft to do with the kids.
All you need are: Fabric Scraps, school glue, bowl, wax paper, or aluminum foil (I was out of wax paper), paper towels (lots of them) and plastic eggs.  I used the larger eggs.
 I diluted the glue with 50% warm water and 50% glue, and stirred really well.
Gather all your fabric scraps.. any shape or size will do.. No fabric at home?  Well how about a shirt or skirt you were going to give to Goodwill?  Use that.
Cut your fabric into small strips, about the size of your pointer finger.  I also did squares the size of quarters and really any shape will work.. just have fun cutting.. but make sure you CUT BEFORE you start.
Lay your fabric down into the glue mixture and get it wet.
 Take your fingers and remove the excess mixture.. after this you can easily just rub the egg with the glue mixture and then just spread the fabric on and dip your fingers in the glue and rub on the egg.. It is FUN!
Smooth the wet fabric onto the egg and don't worry if it is not perfect.. That is all part of the fun. And don't mind my really old lady hands!
Start over lapping your fabric.. You will see this egg I used was yellow.. This was my first one. If you don't want the color to show through, keep layering.  Once dry, it really does not show up.
Your egg when done will look like this..
Lay them all out to dry over night.
And when finished and dried, you will have a great assortment of fabric eggs to use for years.


  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing...really!

  2. Great idea!!! I bet the kids had fun.
    I hope you're having a great break!!
    Happy Easter,

  3. What a cute idea. So easy and fun. Perfect craft for kids and Easter vacation. Who doesn't have fabric scraps???
    Since you can't leave real decorated eggs out anymore, these are a great decoration.
    Thanks for the idea. (and your hands look great...not old lady hands)

  4. Cutest Easter project ever! I am definitely going to try this one. thanks for the instructions.

  5. These are so pretty and fun!!! I bet your kids just loved making them:) I just love Easter! Hope you have a blessed one:)

  6. Great idea! I actually was going to attempt this with paper. Hope mine are as cute as yours.

  7. How pretty! I love all those gorgeous fabrics!