Monday, September 19, 2011

Subway Art GIve Away and New things

I have a great Give Away going on starting today and ending Sunday evening @ 6:00p.m.
I did not make this one, but I found a few and thought I would offer this one as a give away.  These are such great fun things in your home, give as a gift, everyone loves one.  This one is all about Family Rules and things we should all be reminded to do daily! :) You get your name in the drawing one time each for the following:
1.  Leave me a comment
2. Become a follower (if you are not already)
3. Mentiont this give away on  your blog
Be sure to tell me which ones you have done.  I will draw the name next Sunday afternoon at 6 and list the winner here on the Blog.  Good Luck!!!

This is a sneak peak at some new things I am working on.  I will show you the rest this week.
Hope everyone has been doing great.  I have to tell you.. WOW having a kid in High School play a high school sport is an eye opener for me.  The daily time and games.. What was I complaining about before when he played Rec Soccer? Geez! He is having a great time and making some wonderful new friends and he is happy, so that is all that matters.
Also I went out Saturday night with some friends from High School, we danced, laughed and had a wonderful time.. before this night, I had considered doing a Zumba class, thought it would be fun and really how hard can dancing be?  Well let me tell ya! OUCH, I feel like I was in a car wreck, my sides and back are killing me! LOL..I have figured out why those girls are loosing so much weight and look great, dancing uses a TON Of muscles that when your 22 you don't notice! So this sore old woman is re-thinking Zumba :)  I'm staring to think I am just fine the way I am, and my love of Chocolate cake is alright!
Anyone else tried Zumba? What did you think?
 Don't forget to enter the Give away...
Have a great day!


  1. Love the sign with the positive messages. I would love to win this one. Please enter me.


  2. Love the family rules sign - so cute and unique!!

  3. Just love the sign!

  4. I'm a new blog follower!

  5. I love this sign, Mechelle. Every family should have that proudly displayed in their home. A great giveaway.

  6. I thought I was already a follower, but made it official now.