Friday, September 2, 2011

Some jewelry help and Advice

OK all you crafty ladies out there I need some advice and help. 
A while ago I made a few of these:
My problem? I can't get them to stay on the little blank bracelet thingy.. I have tried E6000 glue and they pop off the next day.  Any adive?  I three sold, but I dont' want to just give them back only to have them pop right back off again.. Any help would be appreciated..

That brings me to my next topic.. Help.. I have had several people email me about things and ask how I did something or what method I used and I Always happily offer advice.  I don't understand the few I have emailed about this, only to send me back Nasty emails telling me to figure it out on my own.. Mean ladies!!!

So if any of my NICE Blogger Buddies know what I can do to make these stay on better, I would appreciate your help!

Back to my super busy Friday :)  Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Not a "jewelry expert", but....I love to give advice AND I'm nice-lol! I don't like mean people either! Is it possible to stitch/sew them onto the bracelet using jewelry wire or clear upholstery thread?
    Stop by & join my Haute Stuff party! Love to have you!

  2. Have you tried a two part epoxy glue?


  3. Hi, Mechelle. I have two sweet friends that make jewerly from vintage findings. I will ask them your question and know they won't mind sharing. Sorry you had a bad experience.

  4. Hi Mechelle, I love love love: "Crafter's Pick "THE ULTIMATE" the only non-toxic, water-based super glue. Adheres to Metals, Plastics, Glass & More! Dries Clear." Kinda un-clear what the name of it really is, let's just call it The Ultimate. But, you can get it at Hobby Lobby for $5.99. I've used it on everything and it's never failed. I have even used it for exterior projects like mosaics and it's lasted through rain and snow! Good luck, Bonnie