Monday, April 18, 2011

The MESSIEST sewing room and Flea Market Finds

A while back.. a long while back.. I was bragging about my walk in closet turned sewing room in the basement.. Well I have been really enjoying it.. And it is a total MESS!  Infact I should host a contest for the messiest sewing rooms and have them sent in!  You won't really win anything, but you will find out that you are not alone.. if you keep your sewing room like mine is most of the time.. Maybe I am alone.. Maybe I not only hosted the contest but I also won! Hmmmm that would not be good.

My once organized shelves are a MESS! Oh well.. I am getting ready for an art show on May 1st and between that and trying to keep things at the shop, it will just have to stay a mess.. It is a WORK room, not a show room, right? 

I did manage to get to a flea market this weekend.. FUN!  But super muddy.. I found  few things..

Loved the graphics on these old feed bags.. They are stain free, just need a good washing.

More sheet music to frame and hang up at the shop..I have to tell you ladies.. Framed Sheet music is just so pretty, try it and it is cheap too.

Tons of lace and trims.. (like really needed any more)

And these two old fella.. Do any of you remember having a set or more of these?  We did while I was growing up and I just had to have them..

And this is the soccer ball killer, aka.. Sampson..

He LOVES soccer balls, softballs, baseballs..anything he can find and claim as his own...

He even likes to sleep with them, to make sure no one will take them.. Like we could even use them after he gets a hold of one.. but we love him any way!

And we have been doing a LOT of this.. Baseball.. My son Jake plays for the Madeira Yankee's.. He plays first base and he LOVES this game...

My husband helps coach and he LOVES this game, almost as much as Jake!  Softball games have not started, just practice.  The next few weeks will be super busy with schools stuff, sports and art shows, but we will get through it.. My house will be a mess, but my kids will be happy and that is all that matters in the end. 
Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Love your blog & your Sis Boom creations! I made bedding for my girls a while back with her Fabrics-love them all!!!
    Here is my blog post from my flea market visit today!
    Keep up the good work!