Saturday, August 13, 2011

College Space Saver Pocket Curtain

My niece Olivia, left for college this morning... I remember when that sweet little girl made her way into the world.. I can't believe she is off to college and a new phase of her life.. Feels like I am letting one of my own go..  Anyway.. She has little space in her dorm room. She had this wonderful idea to cover her closet door with a curtain full of pockets for all her hair things etc.. the little things we ladies leave all OVER the dressers.. Well with no dresser space what do you do in a dorm room?

We started with a white shower curtain and added some fun..

Lots of color and lots of USE!

The old denim pockets are great too!

Antique lace and grey polka  dots...

We also personalized her towels.. I made tags to sew onto the towels that were fun and hip.. She loved them.

Very easy to spot your towels with these tags :)  I wish I had a picture of Olivia to put on here.. but she promised to send a photo of the curtain hanging in her dorm room.  I'm just telling myself she is on a long sleepover.. Where does the time go?

This was the morning in my backyard last week.. It was so pretty and peaceful and for once I had batteries in my camera!  My son, steals them for his xbox controller!  Hope you having a great day.. We are getting ready for school to start here next Tuesday. Way too much to do before them! Have a great weekend!


  1. What a cute idea, I love the bookmarks from the previous post too.

  2. What a great idea, Mechelle and if your neice thought of it, she has some of her aunt's creative genes. So cute as are the towels.
    Love the view of your back yard. You captured a great photo of it.