Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thrifting and Garage Sale finds

SO I have been thrifting and garage saling this weekend.. Found some FAB things.. This Mechanics Creeper is going to made into a coat rack.. Just taking off the wheels, adding some vintage hooks and a hanger on the back and she is done..

Found this awesome old light fixture for a dollar.. I loved the glass and just the whole thing.. Great with a battery tea light in it.

Great old leather bench.. Just need to tighten up the feet and throw on some cool pillows I made and it will be ready for the shop.

This is not old, but I painted it white, added some glass votives and candles and it makes a great centerpiece.

This was cute, not old, but One can NEVER have too many laundry hampers with kids in the house!

Loved this old took tote.. The wood is great.

Found this desk for $5.00.. Painting it white and adding a stool and it will be ready to go.

This is one of those things you keep walking back too. MY rule is if I go back twice, I buy it, I love the old graphic and the clocks works too.. Just painting the frame and down to the shop she goes.

I need to be in a support group for old windows.. Really.. It is sad!  And I found a great old sturdy wooden basket.. Yes, Yes Yes.. painting this one white, or grey.. have not decided.. But definatley making a liner for it too.

You can't go wrong with old drawers or wooden boxes.. Love the dark wood.. yes the girls who paints it all white, loves dark wood too, sometimes :)  Add a ton of old lace and doilies and this gal was happy!

I was only to grab like three jars, but the man told me take the whole box for a dollar.. So I did :)

The two old baskets and the teddy bear were great finds.. Soon to be shoe baskets and magazine holders.. I also found two great old doors from cabinets, which I am making signs out of.

Set of Italian stacking tables in MINT condition.. Love these!

A table someone had made, but still I loved it.

And old pop bottles.. I found a yard sale that had so much MAN stuff.. I ended getting a few bottles because I love the graphics on them.. and they remind me of my childhood..I think they would be cute on a table used as bud vases..

I mean look at that.. The man taught me how to tell how old they are and here's some trivia for ya.. On every old Sprite bottle, there is a National Park on the bottom of the bottle.. Had NO idea..

Also found some of these old bottles.. Soon to be cleaned up, add some lace and vintage jewelery and clock faces and they will be at the shop too.. Two are two very old hard to find lavender color bottles.. Love them  too.

And lace and doilies.. Really when is enough enough?

Here is a dresser we are getting ready to work on.. A chair heading to the shop and chandelier waiting for the prisims to be put on..I was too embrassed to show you the rest of the garage, lol.. It's sad! I am stocking up as Garage Sale season will soon be over and I need a good supply to get me through the winter.. Well to keep Paul busy that is :)

OK, this is my favorite.. The pictures are terrible, sorry.. I found an old sewing machine at the junk store that did not work well.. So I painted it white (big shock) and I am taking it to the shop to use for display in my sewing booth.

It turned out so much better in person.. I will try to get a better shot.. Well the first week of school is done, everyone loves it.. My son loves playing on the JV soccer team and being in High School (how did that happen?) They are all spending the night at friends houses and for the first time in 14 years my husband and I will have the house to ourselves! Hope you all are having a great week and weekend.. I will be back on Moday with some new sewing stuff and a few before and afters.. Have a great Night!


  1. Now those are some fantastic finds. You have been a very busy lady. You inspire me to get out and go thrifting, well maybe when it's not 100 plus degrees. Congratulations for finally getting a night alone with hubby.