Friday, January 22, 2010

Junking Finds, A Craft, and the BEST part of my Day

So I went junking this week.. and found some FAB things!  This old suitcase trunk!  Love it.

This great old little dresser box!  Great details and love the old faded aqua silk inside.

A wonderful piece of old antique lace

A Hand Stitched Bow Tie quilt top, in Mint conditon.

A neat picture, looks to be pastels and is signed,

Some great pom pom fringe, tons of it.. and a few tassels too.,

A Great pillow.. with the tags still on for $1.29

A neat pottery barn picture frame, soon to hold photos of my three little ones!

Six old charlk board slates.. These will be a new project..more to come on that one later.

An old map for 69 cents... Soon to be hanging in Jake's room.

More shelves for my sewing room.. you can not have enough storage!
And I love the bead board look on this too, and it is already white, a Bonus for sure!

The Best old wrough iron bench ever!  Not sure about the "pleather" top, but some pretty vintage barkcloth on this and it will be ready to sell!

Love the detail in these old pieces.

A pretty neat calendar to use again and again!  Very Pottery Barn looking,for $2.99

As you can see.. my kids have voiced their opinions, which thought was cute.

And Now a great way to display the old Valentines you have laying around...All you need are some old cards..some rick rack..any color and some glue.....

I love vintage Valentine's Day Cards...
Just layout your rick rack.. space your cards and use some glue.,. I used hot glue, because it is super fast and easy..but make sure the little ones are careful around that..

The finished project.. a pretty garland to use year after year! You can even add more decorations in between the valentines...
And now the best party of my Day!!.....

I was cleaning up this morning and went to check the mail.. our mail slot comes through the wall..and inside I found an envelope.. carefully written out to me.. signed from my youngest daughter, Macy.. this is what was inside!

A letter she wrote to me!  how sweet is this?

I love this so much!

I don't think I have ever looked Better!  I love how we are holding hands and my hair color!  Interesting,lol.. But this one is going in a frame, and hanging in my work room,where I will see it each day!
So this is what I have been doing all week, and what I found shopping this week..
Sewing project will be listed on Sunday..and Yes, I never got to list a Give Away last week, so I will be making it extra special this Sunday... Have a great weekend and now I have to go and clean my house and hang up my picture! 


  1. How sweet is that!!!? Love all your finds too. Catch ya Sunday!

  2. Nice!Lovely treasures,your daughter's letter is the most precious.

  3. I love that dresser box! That sweet letter from your daughter is the best treasure in the bunch!

  4. Wow! You did find some great treasures. But the best of all was the letter your daughter wrote. Thanks for sweet.

  5. I love the chalkboards and the clock. Your clock collection has inspired me to start one. Sweet letter form your daughter.


  6. You hit the jackpot when you went "junking"!!! I love that term btw:) I love the dresser box and pillow so much!
    What a sweet sweet little note:) She's a good little artist too!