Friday, January 1, 2010

Just Words

Once again Happy New Year!

I apologize again for NO pictures.. I did find my camera, but my laptop is being fixed and I am using one of those "tiny" laptops and it has NO speed and my pictures will not upload to blogger and it takes like 15 minutes to tell you Sorry, today it is just words...

As I sit and write this, I am at my kitchen table.. just finished a grand dinner... Appetizers.. You always say, "I could make a meal out of just appetizers" well today we did. The kids loved it and so did I. Easy cooking. Try it, throw all the "healthy" out for one night and just do it!

I started my day, a little on the lazy side,sleeping in. That was nice. But one thought came to my mind as I fully awoke.. an old memory. I was raised by my grandparents..(long story) anyway, my grandma was the BEST gift I was given as a child! And to this day I will say I knew that and still believe in my heart I was sent here so she and I could forever have a bond that not even death, can touch!
She was a sweet, religious, country raised loveable woman, that God broke the mold of after he made her, we would tell her this and she would blush!
Every New Years Day, she would call all her 8 kids and make sure they all stopped by that day if possible, even if only for a minute..and if they could not, she made sure she talked to each one of them on the phone.

She always said that what ever did on New Years day, you would do all year long..So she wanted to make sure all her kids came to see her, so they would come all year long.. Now back then, I thought that was silly, but man I would give anything at all to be able to of had that on my "to do" list for today. I would love to of got that phone call this morning asking me.. "Shelly Mae, when are you coming down to visit with me? You have to come and see me, so you will come all year" Yes, Shelly Mae.. and my name is not Mae, but my a nick name she gave me...

She is buried to far away for a quick trip, but I will continue to think of her daily and how she blessed my life each day and how any and all good in me, came from her Love and Devotion she had for me and for our whole family! Happy New Year Mamaw!

Since I did not visit my grandma what did I do? well I did dishes, looked at the mess in the house and put off cleaning it for yet another day! And my husband surprised me with going to the grocery store with me.. that is HUGE in this house.. He goes once or twice a year..tries not to go alone and looks like a scared animal once inside.. But then is quickly amazed at the pretty packages of food and how many choices there are inside. What he does not seem to notice are all the other MEN there shopping as well..ALONE but still..this is an area he will go alone... An area to be worked on this year for sure.

I won't keep you on here all night.. but I wanted to mention my new beginnings this year....
I am going to work harder at growing my business locally and do more shows.
I am going to try to post on a daily basis on here.
I am going to talk more of the daily struggles of being a parent, wife and all the other hats we all wear! And want to share more craft, sewing things for you and your family to do together and show more of what I do.
I also will be offering all my goodies at very reasonable prices in my etsy shop. Why should pretty be exspensive too?
I want to do more give aways, because they are just fun!
I want to be a better, mom, wife and friend and really give back this year! Because that is where happiness is.. giving, not receiving.

So here's to you that follow me and who's comments I LOVE to read! I wish you all, all your heart needs to make your life rich in love! Let's all have the best year ever!


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