Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sewing Room

The Winner is.........  Beth Elsbrock!  Beth I will see you at soccer tomorrow night and bring your snack bags with me!  Congrats!  Thanks for the comment!!!

OK, now onto my  sewing room
Believe it or not, it is very clean and very organized..... Come on it and take a look around

My main working area.. and very old, very dependable sewing machine.. I like to use all kind of things to store my things in.. gives them new purpose and it is just pretty!
Here is the shelf I found last week.. Does not take me long to fill it up.. I love it in this room
This desk I found at the "junk" store for $15.00 
I love anything with drawers.. if you sew or craft you always need a lot of drawers.  Above this is all my vintage buttons, and vintage jewlery, that I will I hoard!
My Fabrics...and projects that have been started..
More of my fabric.. this "room" was a walk in storage closet in the basement.  My husband brought our old bar from the old house and kitchen cabinets from a job he did and made me this super long sturdy work space.
I Love vintage purses and vintage things period!  I had these two old purses and just added some embleshiments to them.. and then hung them up..
This is right behind the door.  I love old mailboxes and they are very useful to hang around and use for storage.  Mine holds some of patterns.
My amature photos.. I took last summer at Coney Island..
I think we all remember this.. My Reward for being the
And something new!  Pot Holders... OK, so these are shown with no loops, but they do have them.. taken before the camera bit the dust...
And this pair can be yours!  how you ask.. just leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Sunday Evening before Desperate Housewives, that is... As soon as I get my camera back.. I will be posting these  goodies in my etsy shop.. Hopefully by Sunday I can get them in there..
You all have a great weekend..


  1. I just love love love your sewing room!!! adore your glass jars filled with pretties and that compote is just cute!!! I was eying your fabrics a plenty :)

  2. Cute as a button...(Pardon the pun)...

    Now, get busy girl...hee hee!!!

  3. Dangit! I really wanted those sandwich baggies!! Maybe I will have to buy some from Etsy. The potholders are adorable, as always. One of these days I will win one of your blog contests!!

  4. I started to weep when I saw your sewing room....then dragged my computer over to show my husband. It's like a kid in the candy store. I LOVE IT! My sewing machine will be hummmmming today because of you....maybe my visa too. Off to the fabric store. :D

  5. Oh I love your room! Very Vintage looking! I would love to win this giveaway!! Thanks a lot!

  6. Oh my, what beautiful fabrics you have accumulated. Your sewing room is so inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great room! I wish I had a space like that!

  8. Love that vintage Singer sewing machine! xo, suzy