Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sis Boom Day!

Sis Boom

I wanted to share with you one of Favorite Fabric Designers.. Jennifer Paganelli, also known as Sis Boom!

Not only can this lady design wonderful, beautiful, drop dead fabric.. she is also crafty as well! I mean look at that cool Christmas tree, and these wonderful pictures she made! She also host several open houses a year at her house and boy... do I wish I lived close by.

Beautiful Christmas Stockings made from some of her fabrics....

A patchwork quilt out of her fabrics.. I LOVE patchwork anything!

More dreamy quilts... I want them ALL~!
And my FAVORITE Below!!!!!

WOW, what do you do with some scraps of fabrics? Well apparenlty you make and cover the best looking chair EVER!

Don't you want like three of these?

So besides having FAB fabric, and the coolest crafts that make you think.. "why didn't I think of that".. she has the BEST blog going. If you have some time to kill, and I mean like a few hours.. you will want to visit her blog and go through the pages.. You will be inspired, excited and ready to create once you leave that blog.. and it will be one you will want to go back to daily.

She also have a website as well where she also sells patterns for the cool clothes she makes as well.. Be sure to click below and stop by Jennifer's Place.. She will make you feel welcomed and like an old friend!

Thanks Jennifer for all the creativeness and color you bring to our lives each day! Happy New Year.



  1. I am so blessed to meet such great folks in the blog world. What a privilege to be highlighted here!!!! Michelle you have been so incredibly supportive and kind I could never thank you enough!!!

  2. I'm sitting here before sunup on a freezing cold morning just surfing the web for blogs. The beautiful pics in yours helped warm my heart even if my feet are half frozen. I just love that patchwork chair!

  3. Thanks so much for the linkto Sis Boom. I just spent an hour or so there. Glad to see you back too.

  4. Thanks for a great post. I love that chair! P.s. your booth looks great too!!