Monday, June 7, 2010

Flip Video Camera + Chocolate = A Bad Dog

Isn't he sweet?  Well this sweet little creature did this to my son's flip video camera...
Do you happen to see that smear of food on the bottom right.. well that was a piece of Chocolate candy with peanut butter..
Who me?????
Yes you!  OK, so he is not totally to blame.. This guy is to blame as well..
And he is NOT so happy..
He learned that you can not leave your flip video camera in your back pack, with chocolate and your bedroom door open!  It will cost you HALF the cost of a new video camera!
This guy?  He is a little ashamed.. but not really.  He has a problem with food.. He thinks it is ALL his, no matter how he gets to it!  Bad Dog!  We still love him :)


  1. Oh no...he does look a bit remorseful. :)
    Happy Monday to you.

  2. Ah...look at that face. Hard to stay mad long.

  3. Funny, the caption on both photos should read, "WHY AM I TO BLAME"?

    Love and Kisses


  4. Ah, the joys of having a D.O.G.---the only thing that suffers is our house and personal items? Looks like what our "MOLLIE" did to a cell phone when she was a puppy...too bad...he is soooo adorable!

  5. Such a beautiful dog, very hard to stay mad at him I bet!