Monday, June 21, 2010

Jennifer Paganelli Skirt & Happenings

Well I have to say that I am super happy with this Skirt!!!! I just fell in love with this fabric by Jennifer Paganelli.  My daughter saw this fabric on her blog, and had to have a skirt. 
Here is Carly posing with her new skirt!
I LOVE this fabric and this print and I should be in a support group for her fabric.. If anyone else is as crazy over her fabric as I am, and you know of a support group, please send me the information!  
You can check out all her fabric on her blog.  
 Macy, my youngest was asked to dance in a fund raiser for Down Syndrome called Dancing with our Stars!
 It is a wonderful fundraiser.  She has a dear friend Matthew who's mom started this fundraiser and she teaches ballroom dancing to the young adults with Downs Syndrome.. Macy was Matthew's Partner and he is also Mary's son, who heads this up!
Here they are dancing.. We love Matthew!
Carly and I watching the dance!
I also got a few things done to take to my booth!  This was not finished, just laying it out at this point, but you get the point!
We finally finished up another sport, softball and are almost done with Baseball too!
I hung out all week with my BFF, Kim, who was in town visiting from South Carolina.. We went to Coney Island with the kids.  We had a blast!
It is amazing how much you can laugh with Silly Mirrors!  We had so much fun with these things!
I managed to find some great deals at the flea market to put in my both!  Loved this doll house.. I keep finding these!
Great drawers
Fab glass cabinet.. Should I keep it as is, or paint it?  It is going to my booth in Milford on Wednesday.
Loved these!  Can't decide if I am keeping them or taking them to my booth.. Hmmmmm WOW I really need to sweep my garage out, lol..
A few small trinkets I found as well.. I  loved this book, jewelery and these clock faces are Great too!  
Hope you all are having a great start to your week!  Let me know what you think about the cabinet.. I am torn on painting it or leaving it alone.. Ideas are ALWAYS welcome here! Have a great Monday!


  1. I'd like to shop in your garage.... :P

  2. Looks like you all had a whole lot of fun!
    That dollhouse is so cute! And I would leave that chippy cabinet the way it is - but it would look nice painted, too! If you paint it, I hope you will show us!

  3. I love Jennifer's fabric too. I love her blog and the ideas there. My neice would love that skirt. What a sweet daughters you have. Loved their dresses too.
    I would probably paint the cabinet. I love chippy, but...
    Great post with lots of inpiration.

  4. I showed my granddaughter(what made me say niece??) the skirt and she loved it. Did you use a pattern or just make it up. If you don't mind sharing, I would love to know.

  5. May I just come to your house and go through your garage? ;-) Paint the cabinet. Aqua. Yep, aqua.

  6. How did I miss this cute girl in her cute skirt?????? love the yellow trim!!!