Thursday, June 17, 2010

Help with Baseball Pant Stains!

OK Ladies.. I need some help here, and fast!  My son's baseball pants are a MESS!  With all the rain we have had, and how HOT it has been here in Cincinnati, you can only imagine how dirty his uniform has become.  We have tried everything, bleach, shout, zout, peroxide and nothing is working.  So if any of you moms out here you are Stain Masters, can share a recipe for getting this boys pants white again, I will SOOOOOOO Appreciate it!

I'm thinking next year....we will be ordering two pairs of baseball pants! :)


  1. I do a mixture of clorox2 and oxiclean and scrub it in with a tooth brush.

  2. Thank you Julie, I am going to try that tonight!

  3. I was thinking scissors might work...hee hee!!!

  4. BIZ
    Dissolve 1 cup in about a gal of hotwater. Soak over night. If you still can't get out the stains, boil it on the stove with Biz.
    Never put in the dryer if it still has stains.

    I use Biz for vintage linens when they are dingy or stained. Won't hurt fabric.

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