Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Off Spray.. A typical Day

Last night my husband was cleaning out his tackle box for our son and his friend who are fishing, as I type this.. Inside he pulled out this can of Off Spray and told my son he may need it! Now I don't think I have seen a can like this in about 15 years or so!  I mean I would be afraid to even spray it at this point.  We gave him so much grief over this can and all he said is that "he misses the days when the husband and father would get some respect" LOL  Poor guy!
So much not new here.. Just working on some projects and hoping to get them done tomorrow so I have some before and after shots to show you.. It is raining out side today, so that is slowing me down a bit.. Why is it the second you decide to do projects, gather all the stuff you need, and get your self all excited to do the weather has to change all that?  I hate that!
I have been working my yard as well.. Found this beautiful cushions.. OK so they are a little small, but they look pretty!  And WOW what a mess my porch is.. Guess I need to scrub that down too.
The fabric is so pretty!
I did manage to get a few bird houses up as well.
And the Flip Video Camera, eater? Well he is loving life and taking yet another nap.. I believe this is what we call his "pre-nap" before the real nap starts at 1:00.  All is forgiven and yet again he is smothered with kisses and hugs.. even if he does not want them!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer days!


  1. Lol! I would probably still use the "OFF"! I hate to buy that stuff, it's getting more expensive:) Your porch is soo cozy cute and obviously your house is cozy too, considering your lazy sweet dog! Now get out there and catch a fish with those rods! ~ Margie

  2. Hi there, thank you for visiting. Just wanted to let you know that a lady in Brisbane, Australia makes the dolls and sells through here -

    The ones I've got I purchased the material from ebay and my mother made them up. They are super cute.

    Take care, Danielle x

  3. I love that pooch Mechelle ,I also love that you are addicted to my fabrics.

  4. That's funny about the Vintage Off can. It probably won't spray anyway. The sad thing is it looks very familiar to me...guess that dates me.
    Love your rockers. I have the same ones only green. I couldn't decide whether to spray them white or black. After seeing yours and your cute black and white cushions, I think it will be black.
    Happy to see the Flip Video Camera eater is forgiven. He is so cute.
    Getting too hot here to be enjoying outdoor projects...I just have to start early.