Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Floor Pillows

Is this not the cutest, easiest to make floor pillow ever? Found this on Pinterest and then went to the great site to learn how to make one, or a a few for our house..
Go here to learn how to make some for your house.. 
I have been so busy lately.. working on our Fall Family Festival for our elementary school, soccer games for two games, dance class for the girls and trying to keep the shop stocked too.  I am expanding to a biger space in one shop.. I am moving in slowly today,lol ad as I finish up some more works.  If I remember to take my camera I will take photos, lol..
Now off to finish up the cushions for the Chairs I posted last week, then off to the shop. 
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. You sure are a busy girl. I wish I was close enough to visit your shop spaces. Love the floor pillow. It almost could look like a big pumpkin too. It would be great for kids rooms too. Love those chairs. I'm sure with new cushions they will sell right away. Don't you love clothes lines?

  2. Love the floor pillows! Isn't Pinterest the best?! Have a great week!