Friday, October 28, 2011

New furniture before and after

This is what my livingroom looked like before, well one end..

And this is after.. SO far.. We have out grown one sofa and one chair, so we needed a sectional.. We foundt his at IKEA, my favorite place!  Last night it was delivered.. We had it all the way against the wall, my husbands idea, but it was like a bowling alley in there.. So I pulled it out.. I am NO where near done.. and you will see why...

This is without the flash.. I am still working on moving pictures.. but I wanted to give a sneak peak.. SO far I love it! Trust me my husband will HATE that I moved it away from the wall.. Why do MEN think all furniture has to be against the wall? And yes.. Sampson does approve of the new sofa :) Still need more pillows.. that is LAST on my list.

Then I turn around and WHAM, look what I see.. The other end of the room.. YES that TV is my husbands new toy.. It is going on the white stand in the front.. I feel it is TOO big for the room, but he wants it.. I think I am going to move the curtain rods up near the ceiling and more to the sides to make the window look big and the TV smaller (is that possible) and not like a black hole in my livingroom!  Well back to getting it done.. I will take finished photos soon! This is a LOT of work, but a lot of fun.. Give me your opinions.. I want to hear them.


  1. It's so hard to hide a giant tv. We have the same problem & getting a sectional locks the room into position more (we also have a sectional, same problem). Looks great though. Makes me want to tackle my living room!

  2. sawasdee ka

    i come to visit you blog naka


  3. Hello, I just found your lovely blog and I'm so glad I did! My hubby just bought a huge TV, too and it's definitely sticks out like a soar thumb in my vintage cottage style living room!

  4. I like your idea of moving curtain rod up...
    will make a huge difference.
    Nice job.